Suick Weighted Holographicgraphic Muskie Thriller Jerkbait 9 Holographic Perch $23.99 The Suick Weighted Holographic Muskie Thriller Jerkbait is the weighted version of the classic original, now in holographic finishes!egendary musky nabbing action with its unique shape and erratic darting action no self respecting musky fisherman

Suick 1 Weighted Magnum Thriller from Suick Lures Fish with a Legend Kabana Jewelry Sterling Silver 20 Necklace With Small Turtle Pendant Spiny Oyster Red. The Suick Thriller has been catching.

One of the most. Available in weighted or non weighted models. Original Weighted Suick Thriller that began the legacy.

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Crankbaits and Jerkbaits Musky Thrillers and Cisco.

Fish with a Legend.

Welcome to the official site of Suick Lure Company home of the legendary Suick Cisco Kid Muskie Mojo fishing tackle!

Online Availability. Crankbaits and Jerkbaits Musky Thrillers and Cisco Kid Lures by Suick Lure Company Redhead Classic Fit 5 Pocket Denim Jeans For Men Darkstone 35x32.

Muskie Fishing Crankbaits and Musky Fishing Jerkbaits Musky Thrillers and Cisco.

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